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Month: November 2010

Man Eating Chicken Remix

In my home studio I use a couple of powered KRK V4 monitors which I purchased used from Adrian Bradford and they don’t have a huge amount of bass response so I tend to mix the bass too high when I mix in my room. The usual process for me is to take a mix and try it in my car, on my iPod, on my stereo. If I’m really lucky I mix in a full blown studio. I’m posting this remix based on listening to the track over the last few days on different systems. I’ve dropped the bass and drums down, done an overall bass cut, and done a more agressive stereo mix. See if you think it sounds better? It might not if you are listening to it on computer speakers. It is always a compromise.

Paddy on the Beat

Acoustic instruments have really been an interest of mine. I’ve been looking for an Irish Bouzouki and all I’ve found in the past are these Trinity College Bouzouki’s from the far east. They have been pretty uninspiring sounding. So, when I saw a Paul Doyle being sold by my old friend Kerry I jumped at the chance to add a Bouzouki to my collection of instruments. Turns out this is instrument was made by Paul Doyle in Ireland in April of 1978. It came with the original tag stating it has a Mahogany back and sides, Rosewood finger board, Sitka Spruce top and even a note saying “Tuned Octave Below Mandolin GDAE”. Very cool.
Here is a tune I learned for the Mandolin played on this instrument recorded this morning while everyone was still in bed. Recorded with two mics, an audio-technica AT4041 on the left pointed at the high frets and a Shure KSM-32 on the right angled slightly toward the sound hole.
Paddy on the Beat

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