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Month: August 2011

Guitar Session – One Day

I’m back from vacationing in the Rockies. It was a great time of golfing and fishing and hanging out with the family, but its back to business and back to music. I’m doing a number of gigs with Katherine Penfold in the next two months. This had me going back to some previous session work, rough and finished tracks to figure out how I was going to play some of the material live. I stumbled upon this video of the guitar session and then a video of Jordan Jackiew.

The pick referenced in the video is this Red Bear that I ordered online. Nice tone, similar to the sound of tortoise shell with a satisfying attack and warmth. No turtles were harmed in the making of this pick.

The rig used for these tracks is a PRS McCarty with Lollar P90’s and a Fender Custom Classic Telecaster with a OC Duff custom wound bridge pickup. These guitars go into the Swart AST. On some of the tracks I use a Durham Sexdrive pedal for mild compression and a RMC Picture Wah. I love the RMC Wah pedals because they are so warm with no harsh points anywhere on the pedal.

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