Another Resonate 2010 tune…pumping them out fast and furious now! I figured that I’d like to get one more out before the end of the year but I couldn’t make a huge amount of noise so I decided to record everything with my isolation cabinet, the AxeTrak. This unit has microphone similar to a Shure 57 inside it. You can set the axis to angle the mic for that classic full sound or point it directly at the speaker for a biting sound. I angled it for these tracks.

This tune is one by Leonard Ferguson. Here is the original track recorded in July.

Lift Up Your Hands – Original Rough Tracks

Upon review, this seemed too slow. I asked my buddy JJ for a big favour, speed this up with Melodyne Studio software to 92 BPM. He sped it up to 89, 90, 91, and 92 to give me choices. What a pal! At 92 the vocals sounded strange so I select 90 BPM. Here is the revised track.

at 90 BPM

That was better. I added a new drum groove onto the track.

with Drums

First thing I keyed on was that chunking verse part so I laid down this part double tracked panned hard left and right.


It seemed to me like I needed some way to get into the tune. I created this slide sound capped by a muted figure on one side and harmonics on the other to bridge into the chunking part.

Intro Slide

That didn’t seem to be enough so I came up with an Intro Riff prior the slide.

Intro Riff

Having this cool riff just at the beginning didn’t make a lot of sense so I split the song and after the chorus inserted another riff which is a variation on the intro to take it into the verse. I added a similar motif for the ending. This left me with the choruses. The riff drew so much attention, I tried several things but decided on using the Swart sound just turned up to get some grind and I tracked several tracks with that with different pickup positions…oh yeah, turns out all I used was the Tele into the Swart with either a Diamond Boost-EQ, Zvex Fuzz Factory, or Keeley Fuzz Head in front of it…or just straight up. That strange breaking up sound you hear at the end is the Fuzz Factory. I was still missing something in the choruses so I added a line that eluded to the riff and played variations on that throughout the choruses. I dropped the acoustic all together and went for a much more aggressive rock sound for this tune. Oh yeah…what about the bass? I figured why not just put the bass through the Swart and into the isolation cabinet to get some distortion and grind. Overall, it’s a bit of a departure from the original but hopefully you will like it.

Lift Up Your Hands