Yet another Resonate 2010 track. This one from Grace Barber and its called Job Song as in Job from the Bible not the job you work at. When we recorded the rough track I really blew the meter and feel of the rhythm guitar which caused some issues later as I worked with the track.

Job Song – Original Rough Tracks

Once I put a drum track over the rough tracks I realized the error of my meter and so the work began. I had to take parts of the vocals and cut them up and place them in rhythm with the new drum track.

I then replaced the acoustic guitar part with several layers of my Bourgeois Slope D acoustic. I added bass guitar. Then I started to think about how I could add some spice to the recording. I decided that I should finally get my Strat (pictured above) onto one of these tracks. I used this guitar for all the electric guitar parts. I added some slightly distorted rhythm guitar parts.

I thought that perhaps the rhythm part was a bit bland so I added some shaker. I had just received some new shakers from Panama and took the opportunity to mic these up in stereo, playing them shaker between two condenser microphones.


Each guitar makes me play and think a little differently. Often I will just loop the track section and noodle over it with whatever is top of mind. I came up with this little “guitarmony” part reminiscent of something you might hear on an Allman Brothers record.


I then used this motif with variations throughout the rest of the track and as a call and response with the vocals for the bridge. I find Strats to have a very vocal quality and can really sing. For the solo the signal chain was my Fender Custom Classic Stratocaster -> Fulltone OCD -> T-Rex Replica Delay -> Swart Atomic Space Tone amplifier, mic’ed with a Shure 57 angled slightly toward the centre of the speaker. The lead guitar sound comes back in on the final choruses and outro to tie it all together. Elyse MacLean was kind enough to come back to record some backup vocals. Here is the final result…

Job Song