Today’s posting features the 9th posting in the Resonate 2010 series. In this installment I’m posting a track from Linsay Geddert. There is something about Linsay’s voice that is very compelling, reminicent of Sarah Harmer.

My Portion – Original Rough Tracks

You can see by the picture of the track that this one starts quiet and then I kind of break it open with guitars and a more driving drum groove. The holy grail of guitar tone is one where there is just a bit of breakup, not too much. One of the common errors most guitar players make is to engage too much overdrive thereby losing the subtle tones of the guitar, often referred to as “gaining out”. This sound was created by using a Telecaster into my Swart Atomic Space Tone amp that has NO gain on or preamp knob on it at all and then just pushing the front end with a little bit of clean boost from the Diamond Boost-EQ pedal.

Edgy Rhythm

So…how about a PRS McCarty with Lollar P-90’s into an Fulltone OCD, the into a T-Rex Replica driving the Swart Amp cranked to 3 o’clock?

PRS Lead

I use this lead sound as a call and response with the vocals panning licks hard left and right giving the track some edge. Put it all together along with some additional backup vocals from Elyse and a few careful edits, plus a fresh acoustic guitar tracks and you get this…

My Portion

BTW: no AutoTune on this lead vocal.