I’ve taken a different approach with this song. This is another in the Resonate 2010 series of songs written and recorded last summer. This song, Abba Father, was written by the youngest of the song writers who attended the three week intensive workshop here in Winnipeg in July of 2010. Here is the rough track…

Abba Father – Original Rough Tracks

I figured that drums would kind of overpower this track so I decided to take a very different, more acoustic approach. I added some bass to the track and then thought, what about dusting off the mandolin?


To counter balance the mandolin the warm tone of the Collings 000-3 (headstock picture shown above) was a nice addition to the tune. This guitar was once owned by Patti Smith who played it at Bob Dylan’s Birthday Party Concert at New York’s Madison Square Garden, it was also played at Carnagie Hall on February 22, 1999 for the benefit concert for Tibet. I have a personal letter from Patti listing all the concerts it was played at. This is an incredible guitar. The neck meets the body at the 12th fret. Its a very stable, very loud, and broad sounding guitar. More on this remarkable guitar in future postings. Here is the sound of that guitar…


I added some further tracks with with my Bourgois Slope D acoustic. Here is the mix.

Abba Father