Just One Touch

On the last Saturday of every month I have the opportunity to play 2-3 hours in what I would call a free-form worship night at our church, Gateway Christian Community, an event we call Reveal. There is no agenda or song list. It doesn’t matter if only 5 people show up, we are there to play in a pure worship setting for an audience of One. No holds barred, full on. It is an opportunity to really dig in and play from the heart. I’ve been reaching to communicate a sense of desperation and hunger through the guitar. Last Saturday I felt I tapped into that. This music is all improvised and created on the spot. I’m using a Strat -> Diamond Memory Lane 2 -> Fuchs Extreme Cream -> ToneKing Metropolitan. The recording was done with a Zoom H1 from the back of the room, a gymnasium, which explains much of the muddiness. All the wild oscillating and clicking sounds at 2:28 are coming from the guitar courtesy of the Diamond Memory Lane. As the repeats are turned up on this effect the self-oscillating begins. I manipulate the Delay control while playing to cause the notes to bend at 1:50 and 2:10. The Depth control manipulates the flanging and bending tones in the delay itself. Flanging the delay in this way emulates the old tape delays where the tape would stretch and pull as the tape dragged at different tensions against the rollers. This pedal is all analog and, once you get a feel for all the knobs, it produces some very interesting and what I consider very musical sounds. I get goosebumps when Elyse comes in with the vocal every time.

Mary MacLean – keyboards
Elyse MacLean – vocals
Roger Larios – percussion
Mark Silvestro – drums
Carl Strempler – guitar
Joel Friesen – bass