Second in the Oasis series, this is Progress. The organic gives way to the relentless push forward. The grit of sand gives way to the grit of industry. The tune builds as guitars come in and grind it out for dominance. Perhaps there should be a ? at the end of Progress.

The synth pads are a combination of Rapture and Dimension Pro. The lead sound off the top is typical Lyle Mays, tone reminicent of a flute. The guitar sounds are the PRS McCarty -> Fulltone OCD -> Swart AST -> AxeTrak isolation cab so it can be turned way up for a thick tone. Even the bass is recorded through the Swart for added grind.

Note: April 8, I made some adjustments to the mix. I noticed when I was listening back that the synth lead sound was a bit too high in the mix. I also extended the ending so the reverb wasn’t being cut off.