Gravity Live with Katherine Penfold in IROC and the Regulators

In October we (the Network band) had a chance to reprise our gig for Wellington West as IROC and the Regulators. Last year the gig was in Kananaskis, this year it was in beautiful Montreal. One of our sets was video recorded. The sound from the microphone on the camera so the mix varies depending on where the camera is on the stage. I love how Kat sings this tune.

Since this gig was in Montreal and we were flying in for it we had to use gear sourced locally. I was able to bring theGigRig and my favourite Strat. I had arranged with Boutique Tone to rent a Divided By 13 RSA 31 and I was pretty excited to try it out in a live setting. When I arrived I found they had just sold it. Jeremy at Boutique Tone was apologetic and recommended I try the Jackson Britain 3.0 combo. After viewing this video Jeremy wrote me back saying “Seriously, I don’t think tone gets any better than that.”

The amp has two channels that you mix together and a foot-switchable boost that I connected to the GigRig. You can set the amp to 12 watts class A using EL84’s, 25 watts class A using EL34’s, or 50 watts class A/B using EL34’s. The amp was loaded with a Celestion Gold, fast becoming a favourite speaker of mine. This is a LOUD amp and it has incredible addictive muscle. You hit a note and it projects it. Listen to how thick this amp sounds. All I’m using is the amp with some delay. The signal chain is a Fender Custom Classic Strat -> Diamond Memory Lane Jr -> Jackson Britain 3.0. For the solos I’m kicking in just the boost. The sound of the amp is retained by the use of theGigRig. This switcher is what allows me to bypass all pedals not in immediate use, and do switching on the amp at the same time. I don’t think I was in the PA for this gig because the amp was so loud and it was set to the 12 watt setting. Incredible.