Green River

Friday March 9th a group of us from Price Industries are going to be playing a fund raising social in support of the Children’s Wish Foundation (8 pm – 1 am) at Gateway Rec Center, 1717 Gateway Road, tickets are $10 at the door. The band is called Noise Control and we’ve got a bunch of people singing from across the company. Here is a track with Dave Singleton (pictured here) singing CCR’s Green River. It rocks pretty hard, enjoy!

The signal chain on this tune is the Gretsch 6118T-LTD -> Diamond Boost-EQ -> Swart Atomic Space Tone. Just love that amp!

  • Vocals and Bass – Dave Singleton
  • Lead Guitar – Carl Strempler
  • Rhythm Guitar – Shadley Davidson
  • Acoustic Guitar – David Alpert
  • Drums – Leith McLeod