Here is the final tune by Bandwidth at Techapalooza, the battle of the bands fund raiser in Winnipeg at the Park Theatre on February 16th. On this tune I’m playing my Fender Custom Classic Stratocaster into the Tone King Metropolitan. The opening riff is the guitar straight into the amp set to the lead channel. For the solo, with the aid of my GigRig switcher, I hit one button and it switches my amp to the rhythm channel and engages my Fuchs Extreme Cream overdrive pedal in “hot” mode and the delay I’m using is the Diamond Memory Lane Junior. For the Wah portion of the solo I configured another patch on the GigRig that turns on my RMC Picture Wah and I boost the output just a little bit with the output buffer of the GigRig.

BandWidth is…

  • Larry Laker – vocals
  • Yvonne Burman – vocals
  • Carl Strempler – guitar
  • Greg Loeppky – bass
  • Gary Brenner – keyboards
  • Hal Ryckman – drums
  • Karen Carlson – trombone and vocals
  • Dean Clarke¬†– trumpet
  • Dana Neal – trumpet
  • David Thistlethwaite – saxophone
  • David Brown – saxophone