So, “A Blues Yule” tickets for Dec 4th and 5th sold quickly but we will still let you in if the the crowed has thinned a bit and the fire marshall isn’t complaining. Come one, come all!

As usual, I’m recording the bands and giving that to them to help hone their parts. We were having such a blast this week in the Noise Control Practice. Here is a “little” sampling…

Paul O’Rourke – vocals
Dave Singleton – bass
Carl Strempler – guitar
Leith McLeod – drums

Little Sister

The rig I’m using for this event is a Divided by 13 FTR37 amp. My signal path is a Fender Custom Classic Tele (with a OC Duff Nancy pickup) -> Durham Sexdrive -> Amp. For the lead I am using a Diamond Boost-EQ pedal instead of the Sexdrive. Of course I’m controlling my pedals with my GigRig.