Ever troll iTunes and wonder where all those versions of popular tunes come from? Well, there are people who pay studio musicians to record these tracks just so that they can be posed on iTunes. More on that later.

Kat and I are playing a private function with a few other musicians on February 9th and then we are playing at McNally Robinson in Winnipeg on February 16th. I was digging through my back tracks and found this dandy little recording of Kat and I just to inspire you all to come out and support Kat as she promotes her Love album, get your Free Love Album Sampler by clicking here! I’m playing the PRS McCarty pictured here through my Swart Atomic Space Tone amp. The secret here is that we didn’t see each other at all for this recording. I played the backing tracks in my home studio with the amp running through a AxeTrak isolation cabinet so it would be silent as I worked late into the night to track it. Later Kat overdubbed the vocals in the studio.

This tune was recorded for direct sale on iTunes without credit to either Kat or I under the Artist Name of “2010 Heartbreak Movie Songs”. There are a number of these recordings we did specifically for sale on iTunes. You can buy the tune in Apple Lossless format at by clicking here.

You can hear the tune in MP3 format below…