Quin McAdam – September 25 – Rough Tracks

Mike Blair has graciously agreed to allow me to post each phase of the recording process on my blog. The slow evolution of the track will unfold from one posting to the next. This song is a tribute to Mike’s grandfather. The tune take a very traditional 3/2 feel. Mike sat down with an acoustic guitar and played the tune for me. I selected a drum feel and tempo to match. Vocals are and guitar are recorded together with the drum loop. Vocals are recorded with a Shure KSM32 and the guitar with an AudioTechnica AT4041. This is the second take. When we played it back we noticed that just prior to the key change at bar 32 the kick drum was reversed on the groove. Turns out Mike has been playing a bar of 3/4 just prior to the key change. We adjusted that and slid the rest of the drum track over and we were back in sync. The tracks are completely dry and everything is going to change. This will act as a reference point.

Quin McAdam – Rough 1