I’ve only had one formal guitar teacher in my life and that was Lloyd Plueschow. I met Lloyd when I went to Guitarland on Broadway (don’t look for it now it was demolished to make way for a Great West Life Building Expansion). I used to take private lessons from him at his home, first on Grosvenor Ave and then on Jefferson Ave. I took lessons for just over 2 years.

Lloyd was a good teacher and showed me how to play a bunch of tunes and taught me scales and modes. We recently reconnected on Facebook and were messaging back and forth and he told me he had found an old cassette tape of us jamming. I had a copy of it somewhere as well but hadn’t seen it for a long time. Last time I looked for it I couldn’t find it. This recording was done near the end of the time I took lessons from Lloyd. I’m 16 years old and this was recorded in his apartment on Jefferson Avenue. We have decided to called it “Jammin’ on Jefferson”. Lloyd was good enough to digitize the recording and send me an MP3.

I recall playing a mid-70’s Tobacco Burst Les Paul and Lloyd played his custom Penner guitar on this. We both ran through a 1976 50 watt Marshall Head into a cabinet with a 12 inch Black Widow speaker. I played the rhythm guitar track and that was done with an old Roland Space Echo. I think Lloyd may have played the bass part. Drum machines have come a long way since then that’s for sure. The recording was mono to an Akai reel-to-reel if my recollection is correct. I’ve spliced it up and enhanced the audio a bit. Now you can hear me on the the first solo on the left side and Lloyd on the right side.

Here is the original mono version for comparison…