Quin McAdam – September 28 – Add a slide track

2 AM on Sunday. Can’t resist it. Have to pickup the Daneletro and try a slide track. But which slide to use? What sound? I settle on the brass AcoustaGlide seen in the centre of the picture. This is a tapered brass slide designed by Leo Kottke. The polished finish gives a sound very similar to glass but with more sustain. I chose to play through the Swart AST with a clean sound. Not sure if I’m going to keep this track in the song yet. It is pretty laid back. It may work if I jucstaposed a bright mandolin track. I added some reverb to the track just to find some dimension to place the slide within. None of this has been reviewed by Mike so who knows, this may not make it onto the song in the final mix. In the spirit of this series of postings I’m going to continue to post whatever ideas I record.

Quin McAdam – Rough 3