The “B” Side Champs have evolved quite a bit since I posted our first version of Treat Her Right in the fall of 2014. We are now a 10-piece band with a 4-piece horn section.

We’ve been working on some recordings of our tunes live off the floor of our practice space so here is Treat Her Right with the full horns. The rhythm guitar riff is done with my Telecaster into the Divided By 13 FTR37 live off the floor with the band. I then overdubbed the solo in my home studio using my Gretsch 6118 with a boost into the Swart Atomic Space Tone amp. Its amazing how much little gain you need to create a very distorted sound on a recording. One of the secrets of getting a very hard hitting lead sound is to turn down your gain, give the guitar room to breathe and allow for dynamics. Cleaner is meaner!

Rhythm Guitar: Fender Telecaster with OC Duff Whiteguard pickups -> Durham Sexdrive -> Divided By 13 Amp
Lead Guitar: Gretsch 6118 with TV Jones Filtertron Classics -> Diamond Boost EQ -> Swart AST

Rick Davie – Vocals
Gary Brenner – Keys
Carl Strempler – Guitar
Rob Smith – Bass
Ted Wolstencroft – Drums
Deano Dean – Tenor Sax
Dave Pletz – Alto Sax
Andrew Littleford – Trumpet
Jon Amadatsu – Trombone
Ken Krotowich –┬áPercussion