Quin McAdam – October 11 – Add Mandolin

As per my last posting, I was looking for a mandolin to add to the track. My friend Ari was kind enough to lend me his mandolin last Wendesday in prepartion for Thursday’s session. Well, we never did get around to tracking mandolin on Thursday. Instead we replaced the scratch vocal track. Now the acoustic guitar track had to be pulled from the mix as it has bleed in from the scratch vocal. Replacing the acoustic guitar track is a task for the next session.

Now that I had a mandolin it was time to learn how to play it. So, off to YouTube where I found this helpful video…

I printed out the chords from the related web site and found a few formation that would work. Ari’s mandolin worked pretty well but didn’t ring quite like the one in the lesson video so off to the music store I went. This is where my Gear Aquisition Syndrome kicks in. I noticed on videos that some people where playing old 1924 Gibson F-5  ($225,000) and Collings (still crazy expensive) and Eastman (hey, not too expensive). The music store I went to had a full line of Eastman mandolins. I found the one I thought sounded best and made note of it. Later that evening it was off to eBay to check on used ones. I found that these mandolins held their value pretty well, are hand made in China, and with shipping it was better for me to buy one locally than to try to buy one used from eBay. The next day, Saturday October 11, this baby was part of the fold.

The thing about this mandolin is that it rings and rings. Sounds like a harp. It was about mid price in the line but it has that special something that you know is great the moment you pick it up and strum it. So that evening, after the kids were in bed and the house was quite I tracked a rhythm track and a track of fills. The mix here as the mandolin up higher than it will be in order to feature it more.

Quin McAdam – Rough 5