Mesa Boogie Mark IIC

This is a blast from the past. Kevin Anderson lent me his cream Mark IIC so I’ve been playing around with it a little bit. My first good amp was a Music Man 210 Sixty Five┬ábut that soon gave way to a cream coloured Mesa Boogie Mark IIB which I used for many years before I replaced it with a Mark IV, then a Maverick, and then off into boutique amp world I went with a Bad Cat, a Fuchs TDS, etc, etc. Playing this thing really brought back memories. I wish I knew then what I know now in how to get a better sound out of the amp by pushing the master volumes up more but back then I didn’t have iso-cabs or an attenuator to get the volume back under control.

So with this amp kicking around I thought I’d record a theme song for my son Ben’s video blog. I took the amp straight into my AxeTrak iso-cab and then into a Presonus Firebox. No effects on the amp but a little delay in post production on the lead sound. The Peavey Cropper Classic and my Gibson Les Paul Jeff Beck were used for the rhythm sounds and the lead was done on the Les Paul.

I first recorded this version entitled Rock Theme 1 (pretty creative I know)…

Long Version

But when Ben reviewed it he said it was too long so I cut it down to about 18 seconds…

Short Version