Inspired by seeing Willie, Mike went home from the concert and wrote this tune. Friday night Mike played the tune for me and we recorded the acoustic rhythm and vocals. Then Mike said, “hey, it’s just like Good Hearted Woman”. Off to iTunes to find Good Hearted Woman. How many versions of Good Hearted Woman do you think there are? Well there are over 80 versions on sale on iTunes alone. So I suggested that Mike consider creating an all Good Hearted Woman double CD compilation from iTunes. If you get one from him for Christmas feel free to blame me. Go check out Willie’s version (Nelson or Boxcar) and then check out the Belligerent 86 version. I guarantee you will laugh when you hear those side by side. Inspired by Willie’s version I set out to create a similar overall feeling. The mandolin is such a happy sound juxtaposed to the rich tones of the Colling acoustic fills. Saturday morning I tracked the bass part. Sunday I tracked mandolin, percussion, and acoustic guitar fills. By Sunday night the tune’s tracks were complete. This is a rough mix with the fills up a bit higher than what the final mix will have. I’ve found that you can’t frown while playing mandolin. See if you can find the parallels between this tune and Willie’s Good Hearted Woman and drop me comments on what you discover.

Ride This Train