Stonebridge Guitars

A little while ago I was looking to upgrade my acoustic guitar. Steve Bell has been playing Stonebridge guitars  lately and he was kind enough to lend me a Grand Auditorium, which he tours with, and an OM 32.

 Stonebridge OM32

The Grand Auditorium is a great live guitar with lots of punch in the bottom end. However, I was quite smitten by the OM 32. The OM is a phenominal fingerpicking guitar. As soon as I got the guitars home I thought the best way to judge them would be do record them. I tuned the OM to DADGAD tuning and threw down a track. This track is recorded with a Shure KSM32 medium diaphram condenser and a small diaphram Audio Technica 4041. I set the microphones up at right angles to each other to get a nice stereo spreed without the concern for phase problems. I liked the track so much I decided to put some slide on it using my trusty Danelectro tuned in Open D. The overall track meandors around a bit but I kind of like the loose open feel this creates.

Stonebridge Road

Check out These are hand made in the Czech Republic and sell for very reasonable prices. Similar North American made guitars of a similar quality will cost twice the price.