Lazy Man’s Wah

In 2007 I spent a lot of time in the US on business. This gave me ample opportunities to visit some of my favourite gear shops. Just one such shop is in St. Paul, Minnesota. If you ever have a chance and you love vintage and boutique gear, check out Willie’s American Guitars ( In July of 2007 I had a couple of gigs with Walle Larsson and Liberty Silver lined up. Walle’s music is smooth jazz and Liberty is a consumate R&B singer. I thought it might be fun to get an Auto Filter (or Auto Wah) pedal to “bring da funk”. Willie’s, of course, had just the ticket. After trying a few different brands I settled on the Maxon AF-9 Auto Filter.

So it does a great job on with a clean sound but I started fooling around with putting it in front of a distortion pedal. In the case of this clip it was a Fulltone OCD pedal (a truly great overdrive). Tele into the Swart Atomic Space Tone with it’s luscious tremolo is the icing on the cake.

Maxon AF-9 Auto Filter

Big Wah

The way these pedals work is that the harder you play the more the Wah opens up. I’m thinking it might be fun to try this on a bass track….hmmmm…a future posting perhaps?