HP Bands

I work for HP as the manager of the Microsoft Practice for Canada. This year is our second annual employee funded work party for HP in Winnipeg. Last year I put together 3 bands and worked for 6 weeks to whip them into shape. I played bass in two of the bands and guitar in the last band of the night. The party was a huge success and the bands did great. This year we got a bit more of a head start and a few more band members. I’m the musical director but the bands are a lot more independant. I only play in one of the bands and I’m leaving the bass playing to someone else in the other bands. The bands are sounding great. We have been recording the practices first with a Zoom H2 and now with a laptop loaded with Cakewalk Sonar. This week we introduced a new song to the band I play guitar in, Kat and the Soul Dogs. This is a bit rough as its just a direct recording of the practice but I love the spirit of it. This really captures the party atmosphere these guys are creating.

Love Shack