IMG_2197_1024Last Saturday I decided to multi-track record one of the band practices for our HP (non-official) Seasonal (non-Christmas) Party (read, many disclaimers, etc, etc) on December 17th at the King’s Head. This band is one of three bands we have put together for the event. They are called “the Mountain Goats”. Reason for the name… our office has moved to Mountain Avenue, yes, there is a Mountain Avenue in Winnipeg, don’t ask why they would call it that given it seems to me to be one of the flattest streets in one of the flattest cities in Canada. Google searches have not revealed which city is actually the flattest though my guess is props will have to go to Regina. The “Goats” part of the name, well, not sure, if one of the band members can comment on why they call themselves “Goats” it may be helpful. There are no spring chickens in the band.

The line-up is:

Tim Grant – vocals
Mike Dyck – guitar (left)
Jean-Yves Pelletier – guitar (right)
Adam Halstrom – bass
Greg Boettcher – drums

Here’s a sample track…