On Dec 17th the 3 bands I’ve been working played at the Unofficial, Unsanction, Holiday Party at the King’s Head to a full house of over 150 people. All the bands did a great job and people were on the dance floor all night. I multi-track recorded the proceedings and we video taped it. So guess what I did all Christmas Break? I mixed and merged audio with video. This last Friday the bands got together at my place for the “world premiere” of the recording (soon to be a fine commemorative DVD set). It was quite a challenge merging input from multiple tapes, dealing with the glitches in the video, and syncing everything up. In the end the bands were very satisifed with the end product and I’m pretty happy as well. However, I did have Don Voth make a modification to my amplifier after studying the results. I had an external switch added for the bright switch on the amp so I could run more treble from my overdrive pedals. I love the bright shimmering sound of the Metropolitan’s rhythm channel but when I put pedals in front of that for alternative lead sounds it was just too sizzling. Here is the final tune of the third band’s set, Kat and the Soul Dogs, with the fabulous Katherine Penfold on vocals, Gary Brenner on keys, Hal Ryckman on drums and vocals, Dave Christianson on drums and vocals, and Greg Boettcher on percussion.

On this track my signal chain is the guitar into a Durham Sexdrive Pedal, into the Tone King Metropolitan for the rhythm sound. For the lead sound I’m using a Diamond Boost-EQ pedal instead of the Sexdrive. I have a new GigRig switcher that allows me to control the amp and pedal in patches all at once…more on that in another post.

Mustang Sally