Last week the weather looked like it was going to warm up, then on Saturday we were hit with a spring snow storm. What to do when it’s snowing and sleeting outside? Get the Tele out and crank it, of course.On Friday night I received a shipment of some more great drum loops for DrumCore ( including some by Zoro (drummer for Lenny Kravitz among others). One of the drum grooves was called ZBluz. It’s a draggy kind of blues groove that just inspired me. So I set out to do a track with no digital touch enhancement. All tracks are recorded with the Swart Atomic Space Tone amp ( at various levels of crankedatute. The reverb is the amp reverb, the tremolo is the amp tremolo, and the overdrive is all 6V6 tube sweetness.  No overdrive pedals were used in the recording of this track.

Swart Atomic Space ToneSwart Atomic Space Tone - Control Panel

The bridge pickup on the Tele is a custom wound O.C. Duff “Nancy” pickup and it really delivers that twang. “Nancy” is what Roy Buchanan called his Telecaster. This pickup is potted so it’s not microphonic like Roy’s was. It has little bit more output to increase the midrange as well.After I recorded the basic tracks it seemed that it was missing something. This was confirmed by a compatriot (who probably wants to remain nameless). He suggested some organ shots. Well…I have a keyboard and I have organ patches…but that would violate my concept. So I borrowed Jordan’s Hughes and Kettner Rotosphere. Jordan warned me that the tube was going. I plugged it into the Fuchs TDS and the Atomic Space Tone in stereo mode and sure enough that tube was cutting out and making all kinds of funky grinding sounds. COOL! Although it meant that half the time I couldn’t finish recording a guitar part with it. I thought about fixing it but…why? In terms of musical influences on this track, aside from Roy, approach is influenced by Danny Gatton. By the end of the song, my propensity for Albert King’isms definitely comes through.

Bliz Bluz