Adding Acoustics to Welcome Home

After listening to the tune a bit on my iPod I really got the sense that the last chorus needed a lift. I thought about maybe adding an organ part or electric guitar part but that seemed a bit overbearing for the track so I decided to try some acoustic guitar. My Bourgeois Slope D is great for strummed tracks. Pick selection is also very important especially with acoustic instruments. In this case I wanted an airy quality to the sound so I selected the old standby Fender Medium celluloid pick. I had thought originally about putting acoustic guitar as the basis of the entire track but that would not have filled in too many of the holes. So, here is the acoustic guitar track I recorded. I recorded two tracks and panned on hard left and one hard right. I used an Audio-Technica AT4041 condenser mic, about 2 feet away from the upper 14th fret point back at the body. Because the track was to be a background part I didn’t want a lot of bass of fullness in the sound and putting the mic a little farther away helps. Also, I eq’ed the track with a shelf tapering off starting at around 300 Hz. Here are the acoustic tracks by themselves…

Acoustic Guitar Tracks

…and here is how they sound in the track…

Welcome Home with Acoustic

So, that’s in for now on this track. I will come back to the track to do a final mix and mastering later on but now its time to start work on another of the tunes recorded that fateful Friday in July.

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