Rheal Gauthier wrote “You Make Me Whole” as part of the Resonate 2010 songwriter course. Here is the rough track. I decided to track the initial vocal and acoustics (played by Rheal) with a Drumcore Drum Loop.

You Make Me Whole – Rough Track

On a couple of successive evenings this week I put in an hour per night to lay down the bass and guitars. The lead guitar is my trusty Jeff Beck Les Paul. The left side rhythm guitar is recorded with a Telecaster. The right side chunking is the Les Paul with some added Soapbar PRS for brightness in the middle. All tones are either direct from the Swart Atomic Space Tone amp or, in the case the more distorted lead and rhythm sounds, aided by a Fulltone OCD overdrive pedal. In the end the track rocks pretty well.

You Make Me Whole