As a 15 year old boy I would bike everywhere. I’d take off and find adventure. The event that marked the start of summer every year in Winnipeg is the Red River Exhibition. It was a Conklin Shows midway that travelled across the Western Canada and in the 70’s and 80’s the Ex, as we called it, was always set up at the Winnipeg Stadium and next to the old Winnipeg Arena. I would bike out there on those hot summer evenings from North Kildonan where I lived, probably a 20 km bike ride each way.

One such visit brought me to the midway feeling quite adventurous. I figured today was the day, I was going to finally muster up the courage to go into the Sideshows. The one that caught my interest was the “Man Eating Chicken”. I handed the attendant my ticket and went in. The curtain arose and there, standing before me was a man…eating a bucket of chicken! Boy did I feel ripped off!

This event inspired this chicken fricaseein’ greasy pickin’ extravaganza…

Man Eating Chicken

The compressed Tele tones are courtesy of a Diamond Boost-EQ into the Swart Atomic Space Tone with the Swart Night Light Attenuator set to Comp mode.