Ah, adding the guitars, for me that’s where the fun begins. First I cleaned up the acoustic a little bit by cutting an pasting to address the timing issues in the final section. EQ’ed the acoustic. Then I added the bass part with my trusty Stingray bass played direct. First guitar track I put on there was the PRS equipped with P90’s (these P90’s were replacement Jason Lollar which I find have a much sweeter tone than the stock PRS P90 pickups). The signal chain was the PRS directly into the Swart Atomic Space Tone with the tube biased tremolo on, mic’ed with a Shure 57. That’s it. Amazing how a good guitar into a good amp can sound.

Next I thought about the rhythm guitar parts and decided to keep it pretty sparse until the final section and just build to that. The song is actually played on an acoustic capoed at the first fret and is in F#. I played the Tele into the Swart strumming in the first position on one side and then capoed way up the neck at the 5th fret and played the chords open there on the other side of the mix. The effect of the sparkling Tele bridge pickup in this stereo way is quite magical. However, this left the mix kind of bright so I added in a heavily distorted guitar sound using the Tele into an Fulltone OCD and then into the Swart and put that low in the mix to fill in some low mids. Check out the final product.

Whom Have I – Add Bass and Guitars