The Dano!Over the last month I’ve been working with Mike Blair on some Country tunes for his band Mike Blair and Rafter B. Check out his website at I’ve enjoyed our initial sessions. Mike has given me the go ahead to share samples of the tunes we record. This first one is Alone Under The Stars. The process started with Mike playing and singing the song with some different rhythm grooves and tempos until we found something we could settle on. He then tracked a scratch vocal and acoustic guitar track. I laid down the bass part and we left it for a week. Over the weekend I was fooling with my Danelectro looking for haunting parts that would accent the loneliness of the song. Picking harmonics on and then using a brass slide slathered with reverb and delay was just the ticket.

We retracked the acoustics splitting the fingerpicking part from the strumming. Fingerpicking is recorded stereo with two microphones using the Colling OOO-3 guitar. Vocals were retracked. I added volume swell tracks with the Stratocaster and a volume pedal into my Swart amp to put a bit of icing on the cake. Special thanks to Jordan Jackiew for lending me the Wunder Audio microphone. The vocals were recorded with this fantastic tube mic. This mic has a beautiful warm sound to it.

NEW JUNE 29, 2008 MIX:

Alone Under The Stars