Here is another tune from our intrepid Resonate 2010 songwriters. This one is by Chris Isaacs. Chris was the most ambitious of the group. His rough track includes not only his acoustic guitar and voice but also a finger picked acoustic played by Josh Dunkley and backup vocals by Elyse MacLean. Take a listen to what was recorded that morning back in July.

Nothing In This World – Rough Tracks

My first task was to find a rhythm track that would work with the song. I spent way too much time trying to find something that worked. I created my own MIDI drum track that I tossed. I finally settled on this simple cross stick pattern with a tambourine coming in to build the feel. Funny how the simplest things work best. Any drummers out there may find this choice kind of dull but…it works.

Once the drums were in I noticed some issues with the rhythm of some of the parts. I cut up the guitars, lined them up with the rhythm, replaced some with electrics. I chose to take all percussion right out in parts to create contrast and avoid highlighting some of the timing issues. I added the bass track. I layered a lot of guitars and built it toward the end where there are 8 guitar tracks. Most of the tracks are done with the trusty Telecaster. It is interesting how many different tones you can get out of a Telecaster, a non-master volume amp set to different volumes and the judicious use of an overdrive pedal (the Fulltone OCD did it again).

Upon further review it was apparent that Elyse sang the wrong lyric on the outro of the song. It should have been “Nothing in this world so beautiful” not “Nothing in this world is beautiful”…so Elyse came back in the studio to fix that this weekend.

Nothing In This World