Another installment of Resonate 2010! Sometimes when you record a rough track you think the tempo and feel are right but as you add layers you find that its just not right. Its like a foundation that isn’t quite straight. On this tune I was fortunate enough to have Elyse MacLean, the writer, singer, and piano player for the tune living nearby so we were able to re-record the rough tracks. Here is the original.

My Keeper – Original Rough Tracks

When Elyse was in to replace the background vocals for Nothing In This World she recorded a new version of the rough tracks.

My Keeper – New Rough Tracks

Now this is a lot more in time. The 6/8 feel for this tune has a wonderful lilt to it. I added drums and drums. I applied a bit of the dreaded AutoTune and added a some big reverb.

My Keeper – Added Bass and Drums

Now I added several layers of acoustic guitar. I add them into the mix slowly over the tune to build the tune. This is where capos can really help. I played 4 tracks of acoustic in the first position and then capo-ed at the 5th fret and played 2 tracks in this position panning them wide left and right. The capo I use is the G7th Capo pictured above. This capo only applies enough pressure to hold down the strings and never puts the guitar out of tune (unless the intonation is bad on the guitar). Spot the Irish Bouzouki in the mix?

My Keeper – Added Acoustics

In this final version I added the slide guitar. Generally I record these parts with the delay in the track but this time I wanted a swirling stereo effect on the guitar which is easiest to get in the software. This requires you think about what the effect will do while you play…imagine the effects are there when you play the dry part. It was still missing something. The human mind is interesting, its always searching for that random element, little parts that are truly human. I pulled out the Telecaster and set the amp for a clean sound and the guitar to us both pickups and played some tinkly, chimey parts and a few harmonics sparsely and with as little forethought as possible to create interest. At some points it sounds almost like percussion. In my opinion, the overall the ethereal effect was achieved.

My Keeper