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Dean Clarke – 1965-2014

Our friend and band mate, Dean Clarke, passed away suddenly last Saturday. Here is a recording we did that features a solo by Dean on Trumpet. You were a great friend, golfer, technology leader, and committed band member. You will be missed.

Bill Kirkpatrick – Vocals, Guitar
Carl Strempler – Guitar
Gary Brenner – Keys
Adam Halstrom – Bass
Greg Boettcher – Drums
Dean Clarke – Trumpet Solo

Great Quote

“The best songs don’t get recorded, the best recordings don’t get released, the best releases don’t get played.” – Jim Dickinson

But… I’m trying to change that by recording a lot of bands and a lot of live shows. I’m getting ready to do the mix down of Techapalooza 2014 and there should be some really good video and audio coming from the event.

Jammin’ on Jefferson – 1982

I’ve only had one formal guitar teacher in my life and that was Lloyd Plueschow. I met Lloyd when I went to Guitarland on Broadway (don’t look for it now it was demolished to make way for a Great West Life Building Expansion). I used to take private lessons from him at his home, first on Grosvenor Ave and then on Jefferson Ave. I took lessons for just over 2 years.

Lloyd was a good teacher and showed me how to play a bunch of tunes and taught me scales and modes. We recently reconnected on Facebook and were messaging back and forth and he told me he had found an old cassette tape of us jamming. I had a copy of it somewhere as well but hadn’t seen it for a long time. Last time I looked for it I couldn’t find it. This recording was done near the end of the time I took lessons from Lloyd. I’m 16 years old and this was recorded in his apartment on Jefferson Avenue. We have decided to called it “Jammin’ on Jefferson”. Lloyd was good enough to digitize the recording and send me an MP3.

I recall playing a mid-70’s Tobacco Burst Les Paul and Lloyd played his custom Penner guitar on this. We both ran through a 1976 50 watt Marshall Head into a cabinet with a 12 inch Black Widow speaker. I played the rhythm guitar track and that was done with an old Roland Space Echo. I think Lloyd may have played the bass part. Drum machines have come a long way since then that’s for sure. The recording was mono to an Akai reel-to-reel if my recollection is correct. I’ve spliced it up and enhanced the audio a bit. Now you can hear me on the the first solo on the left side and Lloyd on the right side.

Here is the original mono version for comparison…

Help The Poor

Here is a tune from the Consultants of Swing performing a classic blues tune, Help The Poor. Fender Custom Classic Stratocaster with DeTemple pickups into a Divided By 13 FTR37 amp was my rig. I also used a Diamond Tremolo Pedal and for the solos I kicked in a Diamond Boost-EQ Pedal.

Bill Kirkpatrick – Vocals, Guitar
Carl Strempler – Guitar
Gary Brenner – Keys
Adam Halstrom – Bass
Greg Boettcher – Drums
Karin Carlson – Trombone
Dean Clarke – Trumpet
Rick Strempler – Alto Sax
David Thistlethwaite – Tenor Sax
Shannon Ball – Baritone Sax

Mystery Artist Recordings – Part 1

Ever troll iTunes and wonder where all those versions of popular tunes come from? Well, there are people who pay studio musicians to record these tracks just so that they can be posed on iTunes. More on that later.

Kat and I are playing a private function with a few other musicians on February 9th and then we are playing at McNally Robinson in Winnipeg on February 16th. I was digging through my back tracks and found this dandy little recording of Kat and I just to inspire you all to come out and support Kat as she promotes her Love album, get your Free Love Album Sampler by clicking here! I’m playing the PRS McCarty pictured here through my Swart Atomic Space Tone amp. The secret here is that we didn’t see each other at all for this recording. I played the backing tracks in my home studio with the amp running through a AxeTrak isolation cabinet so it would be silent as I worked late into the night to track it. Later Kat overdubbed the vocals in the studio.

This tune was recorded for direct sale on iTunes without credit to either Kat or I under the Artist Name of “2010 Heartbreak Movie Songs”. There are a number of these recordings we did specifically for sale on iTunes. You can buy the tune in Apple Lossless format at by clicking here.

You can hear the tune in MP3 format below…

Playin’ with My Friends

After a two night sold-out engagement at the King’s Head on December 4th and 5th, the dust is starting to settle and I’m finishing up the mixes for the recording we did on December 5th. This song puts a smile on my face every time we play it. Towards the end of the horn section is rocking and I’m just throwing in a few licks between the horn riffs. What a blast! More audio and even some video to come from “A Very Blues Yule” in the next few weeks. With a few sets of material under our belt, we are gig ready and can’t wait for Band-to-Band Combat to Beat Cancer at Techapalooza 2013. Look out other bands, this band is only going to get better in the coming weeks.

Bill Kirkpatrick – guitar/vocals
Carl Strempler – guitar
Adam Halstrom – bass
Greg Boettcher – drums
Gary Brenner – keys
Karin Carlson – trombone
Dean Clarke – trumpet
Rick Strempler – alto sax
David Thistlethwaite – tenor sax
Shannon Ball – baritone sax

Playin’ with My Friends


Who doesn’t love the sound of a good Telecaster? Played through a Divided By 13 FTR37 it is even better. Turn up the reverb and do a few surf tunes! And so we did. The arrangement is from the movie Back to the Beach where Dick Dale plays his classic tune, Pipeline, with Stevie Ray Vaughan. Dick was known for playing very loud and employing a rapid picking technique, heard here toward the end of the tune. The vibrato at the end is done by bending the neck, no whammy bar required.

Recorded on November 13, 2012 during our practice for “A Blues Yule” here is the Consultants of Swing version of Pipeline.


Bill Kirkpatrick – rhythm guitar
Carl Strempler – lead guitar
Adam Halstrom – bass
Greg Boettcher – drums
Gary Brenner – keys

Noise Control Prepares for “A Blues Yule”

So, “A Blues Yule” tickets for Dec 4th and 5th sold quickly but we will still let you in if the the crowed has thinned a bit and the fire marshall isn’t complaining. Come one, come all!

As usual, I’m recording the bands and giving that to them to help hone their parts. We were having such a blast this week in the Noise Control Practice. Here is a “little” sampling…

Paul O’Rourke – vocals
Dave Singleton – bass
Carl Strempler – guitar
Leith McLeod – drums

Little Sister

The rig I’m using for this event is a Divided by 13 FTR37 amp. My signal path is a Fender Custom Classic Tele (with a OC Duff Nancy pickup) -> Durham Sexdrive -> Amp. For the lead I am using a Diamond Boost-EQ pedal instead of the Sexdrive. Of course I’m controlling my pedals with my GigRig.

A Blues Yule

This year our 4th annual non-sanctioned, non-official Christmas bash will be a two night affair at the legendary King’s Head Pub and Eatery! Tickets are only $10. Last year’s event sold out so quickly it was decided we needed to go to two nights, Tuesday December 4th and Wednesday December 5th. The doors will open at 5 pm with the first band starting at 6:30 pm. I’m pleased to announce that Price’s very own band, Noise Control, will be opening up the festivities both nights. Noise Control features:

Paul O’Rourke – vocals
Brenda Calder – vocals
Charlene McAlpin – vocals
David Alpert – guitar/vocals
Dave Singleton bass/vocals
Carl Strempler – guitar
Leith McLeod – drums
with special guest Michael Dyck

After the first band there will be time to socialize and order dinner from a select menu (not included in the cover charge). At around 8 pm The Consultants of Swing will be playing two sets of blues and R&B featuring a 5-piece horn section. The Consultants of Swing includes:

Bill Kirkpatrick – vocals/guitar – Retired
Karin Carlson – vocals/trombone – Software Trainer
Carl Strempler – guitar – Price
Adam Halstrom – bass – HP
Greg Boettcher – drums – HP
Dean Clarke – trumpet – Apptius
Rick Strempler – alto sax – Online Business Systems
David Thistlethwaite – tenor sax – Apptius
Shannon Ball – baritone sax – Student
Gary Brenner – keys – Grant Memorial

Get your tickets before they sell out and bring your dancing shoes or just sit back and watch the show! Tickets are available for either night but we are focusing on selling tickets to Price employees for December 5th first.

I thought I would post a clip from a few years ago where Bill Kirkpatrick and the band played the Eric Clapton classic, Wonderful Tonight. Tickets will be on sales soon for just $10.00 each.

Bill Kirkpatrick – guitar and vocals
Carl Strempler – lead guitar
Hal Ryckman – drums
Adam Halstrom – bass
Gary Brenner – keys

25 or 6 to 4

Here is the final tune by Bandwidth at Techapalooza, the battle of the bands fund raiser in Winnipeg at the Park Theatre on February 16th. On this tune I’m playing my Fender Custom Classic Stratocaster into the Tone King Metropolitan. The opening riff is the guitar straight into the amp set to the lead channel. For the solo, with the aid of my GigRig switcher, I hit one button and it switches my amp to the rhythm channel and engages my Fuchs Extreme Cream overdrive pedal in “hot” mode and the delay I’m using is the Diamond Memory Lane Junior. For the Wah portion of the solo I configured another patch on the GigRig that turns on my RMC Picture Wah and I boost the output just a little bit with the output buffer of the GigRig.

BandWidth is…

  • Larry Laker – vocals
  • Yvonne Burman – vocals
  • Carl Strempler – guitar
  • Greg Loeppky – bass
  • Gary Brenner – keyboards
  • Hal Ryckman – drums
  • Karen Carlson – trombone and vocals
  • Dean Clarke – trumpet
  • Dana Neal – trumpet
  • David Thistlethwaite – saxophone
  • David Brown – saxophone
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